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Race to find survivors of earthquake in Turkey and Syria as death toll soars above 6,200

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake and multiple aftershocks struck eastern Turkey and neighboring Syria on Monday, killing thousands.

Lost beloved necklace leads to successful jewelry design business for Mass. designer

"Everybody knows, I'm not ashamed to say, I'm not a jewelry person," Talia Don said. "A lot of my designs have something that are a little different than a regular design."

State Chamber responds to Gov. Stitt's State of the State address

State Chamber CEO on businesses, taxes in Oklahoma

Tulsa couple claims Starbucks overcharged more than $4,000 in tip

A Tulsa couple is desperate for answers after they claim they paid more than $4,000 for two Starbucks coffees.

Kansas City Chiefs fan known as 'potato girl' traveling to Super Bowl LVII

Lay's is naming her Super Bowl LVII's "Lay's Potato Girl."

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